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WTF is that?

If you see an object ingame, type in your chat prompt "/location" and get your coordinates. If the server has the owner plugin, type in "/owner", hit the object with an item and you´ll get the foundation owner.

This helps to cataloguize your neighborhood and your enviroment. You can mark friends or foes, possible targets or interresting things.

How does it work?

Just fill out the name and the coordinates and hit "insert object" or right-click for instant insert. Provide your friends or clan members the link above and they see what you see and have the opportunity to add or change contents. This provided link is yours! The token is unique so be sure that you share it only with people you trust.

What else?

If you have more than one display, open this site on another display and push TAB ingame. Now you see you inventory. In this mode you have a free mouse. Now you kann fly over the map and see the coordinates